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Custom Stickers

– Unlimited variations of all sizes and shapes. Custom stickers for all types of businesses.
Custom shaped stickers featuring your logo!

custom foil stickers

mailing stickers

shipping stickers

promo stickers

barcode stickers

stickers created for cosmetic products

stickers created for the food and beverage industry

hard hat stickers

stickers created for the healthcare industry

stickers printed for schools and universities

stickers for non profits

hospitality industry label printing

stickers printed for the financial industry

adhesive stickers

bottle stickers

stickers on rolls

stickers printed for retail establishments

and more.
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We’ve been offering custom printed stickers since 1995, and have helped many companies both large and small with specific branding and marketing solutions through creating promotional stickers, product labels, stickers for both indoor and outdoor use, cover-up stickers that cover up misprinted information, diecut stickers in specific shapes, etc.

Recently, we printed special stickers for the 2015 NBA All-Star game and the 2014 Heisman awards dinner featuring the top NCAA collegiate football player in the nation, Marcus Mariota. But all of our jobs are not that prestigious. We give the same attention to a small job from a local business. We treat all our clients with respect,  and the understanding that even a tiny one inch sticker on a food or cosmetic product can make a big difference.  They represent the company, and as such, have to be of the highest quality, to reflect the appropriate company aesthetic.

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We also specialize in customized vinyl stickers that are to be placed outdoors and must be weather resistant. They might be placed on  equipment or vehicles, so they need to be durable.  We make sure that the vinyl stickers that we print for our clients lasts for years. With all our products,  we strive to use the highest quality materials and inks so that we can over deliver to our clients. Our slogan is “Always Printed RIGHT On Time”, and we mean it!

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What’s different about Nova?

What makes Nova Custom Printing Different


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Read articles on our blog about how Custom Stickers can help grow your business.

For instance, here’s an article on how stickers can help a food company in our client spotlight. The company highlighted in the article, Saucey Sauce is a homemade sauce company that creates traditional Vietnamese sauces “with a twist”. They came to us quite a while ago and we’ve been printing stickers  for their products ever since. For sauces like these, we print on film stock, with a UV varnish laid on top to protect against oils and moisture. The UV  varnish also gives the label a great shine to catch the eye of shoppers in the store.

The company has done quite well as a new business, getting into Whole Foods, Gourmet Garage, Dean & Deluca, and has been profiled by ABC News! The article in our blog goes into great detail about how they started their business,  and about how they are growing it currently.  We love stories like these because when a company grows it helps us as well.  Don’t you think that when a company gets more popular they place larger orders for stickers? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” should be our secondary slogan,  but alas, we only have room for one.  We hope you’ll take a look into our blog and read about the fun insightful use cases of our stickers.  There are also many articles about marketing and branding a small business.  We hope it is beneficial to all of our readers to learn about how building a brand and marketing products is within reach of any budget.  Any business can benefit from reading educational articles and we are working on more use cases to feature in future articles.

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