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– All shapes, sizes and types of custom labels, for all industries.
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We started the business in 1995 doing work for local businesses.  Soon after, through word-of-mouth we began working with larger companies and then in 2000, launched several of our websites  where we began landing major corporate clients.  You can see some of our clients below.  They read like a who’s who of business, however that is only a fraction of our client base.  Add companies such as Turner Broadcasting, BET, JP Morgan Chase Bank, The British Embassy, The Joffrey Ballet School, Deloitte Consulting, KIND snacks, Divino Ice Cream, Lippe Taylor PR, Hunter College, Columbia University, Humanscale Furniture, Saks Fifth Avenue and many, many more.

We specialize in rush orders, which means we can complete a job within hours, so if a deadline seems impossible, give us a call or email and let us be the judge of that! We make the impossible possible every day. That’s why our slogan is “Always Printed RIGHT On Time!”

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What’s different about Nova?

What makes Nova Custom Printing Different


Here’s a partial listing of our clients…


Foolproof Guarantee

Read articles on how Custom Labels can help your business here.

For instance, Custom Label Printing: A Case Study here. This case study follows the start-up company Tick Tock Naturals, who came to us for an Organic Insect Repellent. As we wrote in the article, the insect repellents that you can buy in the store usually contain chemicals and artificial ingredients that can harm the body, but Tick Tock created a product that is effective and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.

The product protects against the West Nile Virus and Lyme disease, as well as common mosquitoes etc. I personally took this product to Mexico with me on my vacation last year.

Anyway, we created two label sizes for the product. A large 2.5×5.75″ label for the main product and a 2.5×4.5″ smaller label for the travel size product. The company wanted to  have a natural, organic feel and look to the labels. They preferred a matte label to a glossy one,  but the challenge is, with a matte label, there would be no protection against moisture, and the ingredients Eugenol, Lemongrass oil, and Grape seed oil.

So we printed matte labels with a matte varnish on top. The varnish would protect against the oils and moisture without being shiny as a glossy label would.  This way the client got the best of both worlds.   They got the look they wanted, along with the protection that was required.

The product has been well received and the company is growing quickly.  They have been written up in the National Geographic traveler, Fodor’s travel intelligence, Good Housekeeping, and other media.   We love stories like these because we enjoy helping small companies grow, and of course, when they get larger, they naturally place larger orders, which helps us in return. So we are not dumb, we realize that our clients success will be shared with us,  and that’s why we love to share client stories on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

This is only one case study on our blog.  We have more available to read at the links above. We  hope you’ll take a few minutes to read them.






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